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What time does Mcdonald’s Close? Breakfast Hours, Drive Thru (Updated 2022)

Mcdonald’s is an exceptional food provider restaurant. There are more than thirty-eight thousand locations in the world. The rate of total serving of customers is higher than 68 million. Thus, you should never miss the great meals. But you have to know what time does Mcdonald’s close. Therefore, your time will never waste.

What is so special about McDonald’s?

Mcdonald’s has exceptional specialty due to its large success. The unique innovative ideas give more popularity to this fast food restaurant. This franchising model grows day by day and gains more success. The food is free from any hygiene ingredient that is not good for the body. It is also one of the major McDonald’s goals. 


How does McDonald’s attract customers?

They are one excellent brand loyal restaurant that offers high-quality diners & breakfasts. Their spend rate on every customer is $7.79. Most families with their kids come to this brand to eat the best fast foods. The environment inside it is very friendly. They decently offer a menu list and deal with all customers peacefully. All of such reasons attract customers to them.

McDonald’s values  

The core value is to provide the best experience to customers. Their system works with consider the ethical value. All of their staffs behave well with everyone. Constantly improving is McDonald’s mission and vision. They make sure that they work with the best improvements. In addition, their business also gains more profit. McDonald’s is one of the leading industries providing fast foods. The reasons that make it high in the position include nutrition in food items and convenience to get your order.

Is Mcdonald’s 24 Hours in America?

There are a huge number of McDonald’s locations. Many locations work for twenty-four hours. But, some are with the timings of 5 am-12 pm. Every location near a highway remains open for 24 hours. Those locations with not too much traffic at night close at 10-11 pm.


When did McDonalds become 24/7?

In April 2005, Mcdonald’s became 24 hours restaurant in Garner. This restaurant remains open for 24 hours all seven days. They know their success when they earn a lot of profit.

Opening and closing time

Numerous McDonald’s start their serving from 5 am-11 pm. When they start their servings, they will provide the complete menu of their breakfasts. But, the working hours of all locations may vary. These hours are based on the demand of the public. You will safely go at 5 am to any location. In case, if any location is not open, you can go to the second one.


What time does McDonalds close today?

Many restaurants remain open 24/7. But some follow the schedule of opening and closing times which is following. Before going to any location, check the timings. Thereby, you will get your answer of what time McDonald’s Close near me. 

Opening time Closing time
Monday 5:00AM 11:00PM
Tuesday 5:00AM 11:00PM
Wednesday 5:00AM 11:00PM
Thursday 5:00AM 11:00PM
Friday 5:00AM 11:00PM
Saturday 5:00AM 11:00PM
Sunday 5:00AM 11:00PM


McDonalds holiday hours

Mcdonald’s works daily in the USA. But, during the holidays, there will change in the working hours. Many of us do not aware of what time does McDonalds close on Christmas Eve. They will close at 6 pm on this occasion. The closing time for New Year’s Eve is 7 pm.

How to find Mcdonald’s hours?


Finding the hours is not difficult with new modern technology. Further, you will also know 24-hour McDonald’s near me so you get the accurate location without wasting time. Following are the three ways to find Mcdonald’s hours:

  • Store locator page
  • Google maps
  • McDonald’s app

McDonald’s breakfast hours

The breakfast hours start from 5 am. Many people think that it is only their opening time and they will serve later. They do not know what time does McDonald’s start serving breakfast. Mostly, locations will start their breakfast servings between 5 am-5:30 am.

McDonald lunch hours

The lunch hours start from 10:30 am. But, during the weekend the serving for lunch starts at 11:00 am. The weekend time may also vary and not the same everywhere.

All-Day Breakfast Menu

The best point of the breakfast menu is that is for all-day. If you think about Does McDonalds have all day breakfast, you are happier to know that it is true. Whenever you want to eat any food item from Breakfast Menu, you will get it.


Little changes during Covid-19:

During Covid-19, Mcdonald’s finish the all-day breakfast menu. This step is for the safety of society and staff members. But, in October 2021, all locations again follow the all-day breakfast menu.

All Day Lunch Menu

The all-day lunch McDonald’s menu includes amazing varieties of burgers and is available all long day. You can any of your favorite food anytime.

Drive-thru working of McDonalds

The drive-thru choice is great for those who want to pick up their order by just sitting in their cars. During the opening hours, you will get your order through this option easily anytime.


How do I get McDonald’s delivered?

They also provide you option of delivery. Not every location is with this facility. But, those restaurants that provide it also add delivery charges to the bill. Besides, you can use the official app of McDonald’s to place any order. They ensure that they will provide your food quickly. This app is also great because it gives you different weekly deals.

Tips to get Fresh McDonald’s Breakfast

  • Get there early
  • Order in advance
  • Request Round Egg
  • Order Fries
  • Eat Inside sitting in McDonald’s location

Ways to eat only Healthy Breakfast at McDonald’s

  • Avoid High-Calorie foods
  • Select white eggs
  • Consider Calories In Your Coffee
  • Portion Control on fast food


McDonald’s Rewards

McDonald’s will provide rewards to their loyal customer who daily eats their breakfast from them. On every purchase, you will get some points. You can use those points to buy any other free food item.

McDonald's special deal


Breakfast and lunch are important for a healthier body. You can take any help through McDonald’s helpline by visiting the Thelifetimenews. They also provide you with guidance on closing hours and their best menu.


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