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How to make oak Kitchen Cabinets Look Modern?

When people think about their oak cabinets in kitchens, they consider them outdated. Such people are confused to know about whether should I paint my oak kitchen cabinets. Well, you can do it or also add some modern look without paint. You can customize the whole kitchen in different ways. Sometimes people do not understand what exactly their kitchen will look like after changes to the cabinets. So, if you are also confused about it, you can see pictures of kitchens with oak cabinets on the internet. Why do you need oak kitchen cabinets to look modern?

What is Modern Kitchen Design?

Nowadays, the modern kitchen’s look is with different designs of open spaces. Further, the design elements for the decoration are post-industrial materials that are too durable. Another important characteristic is the presence of simple hardware.

Can oak cabinets look modern?

Oak cabinets look unique and attractive. Different ways are ideal to enhance the charming look of such cabinets. For instance, honey oak kitchen cabinets decorating ideas are a great way to add an excellent touch to the kitchen. But if you want to add more modern touch, you should avoid dark colors.


Updating oak Kitchen Cabinets before and after

Before updating the oak cabinets will always like old fashioned. But when you add a modern touch to the kitchen with such cabinets, it becomes a new one. The after results of updating will give you surely good results of beautiful looking. The ways for updating an oak kitchen are also suitable to know how to tone down orange oak cabinets. Your family will like the updated kitchen.

How to make oak kitchen cabinets look modern without paint?

Some people want an idea for updating a 90s kitchen without painting cabinets. So, it is also possible. In this scenario, the best idea is to paint your walls. When the walls are with new paint, they look amazing with cabinets. You should clean the cabinets and bring some changes to the hardware. An up-to-date modern kitchen design will incorporate several of the following characteristics:

  • Horizontal Lines
  • Frameless or Full Overlay Cabinetry
  • Monochromatic Colour Palettes
  • Minimalistic Details and Ornamentation
  • Simple Hardware
  • Industrial Accent Pieces

You can also change the countertops. Always choose a good color for a new countertop that looks suitable with any cabinet. The old traditional faucet is not good if you convert your kitchen into a modern one. Take a new stylish faucet and fix that one in your kitchen. The motive for doing it is to make beautiful looking of the entire kitchen. You can also use new paint for a cabinet if you like it.

5 Ideas: Update Kitchen Cabinets with Hardware, Backsplash, Glass Doors & More!

  1. Update Hardware & Light Fixtures
  2. Add Glass to Feature Cabinets Doors
  3. Add a New Backsplash
  4. Use the Right Home Decor
  5. Paint…Just A Little


Ways to make a modern kitchen with oak cabinets

Now, the following are the simpler ways to make any sort of kitchen more modern. The specialty of these ways is that you will do kitchen elements changes but change the oak cabinets.

  1. Stained Finish

The purpose of the stained finish is to completely remove the traditional element of honey colors. It is easier to convert your cabinets into stained finish color. They look like a high-quality cabinet. The surface of the oak is already shiny. You can change this shining surface also. If you apply a matte finish, the oak will become a modern element. For this purpose, there is the option of different sheens. The sheen helps enhance or reduce the shiny surface.

  1. Flat, Slab Door Styles

Oak consider not modern cabinet material. But, many people have no idea that the doors are important in increasing the cabinet’s beauty. In past, the bulky door style is common in such cabinets. The best way is to change it with the flat style of the door. It helps in the creation of aesthetic quality. In short, it is the top quality of modern kitchens.


  1. Cabinet Hardware 

The new kitchens are with unique hardware. When you utilize such hardware for oak cabinetry tasks, it gives you the feeling of using a modern cabinet. The flat panel with longer pulls is ideal to use. They enable to increase the drawer’s or handle’s length also. No doubt, such handles are long but they are slim as well. They do not look bulky.

  1. The Wood Grain

To ensure the addition of aesthetics to an oak cabinet, the wood should shine and becomes the central point of attraction in kitchens. This wood has a natural quality of used as an excellent grain. Many kinds of wood utilized in the making of the cabinets also utilize wood grain.

The lines or grain should horizontal because it shows the new style of kitchen. You should use a wood grain for doors. This step will make your cabinets different from others.

  1. Use Surrounding Pieces

The modern kitchen’s style not only includes a cabinet’s design but all the surrounding pieces. Whenever you will decide to up-to-date cabinets, consider other things also. First thing is to choose the white color for the countertop. You can use two different colors for cabinets. But the cabinets in a line should with the same color. The best way is that if you use a dark color on the cabinets’ upper line, use a light color for the lower line of the cabinet.


The floating shelves are also great for a modern look. There should not be too much presence of decorative ornamentation. So, everyone’s main focus goes on your modern touch cabinet.

Are oak cabinets coming back in Style 2022?

The oak cabinets are still popular this year also. The light & medium oaks look beautiful and you can efficiently change different paint of walls from time to time.

How do you make modern kitchen cabinets with oak?

Firstly clean all cabinets and you can add some more new color to them. You have the option of removing any upper cabinet and replacing the countertop with a modern look.

How do you Modernise an oak kitchen?

The addition of modernized touch to any oak kitchen is easier with the use of light colors on walls, and floor. In short, the white color is everywhere. In this scenario, the stainless steel appliances look more attractive.

How can I update my oak cabinets without replacing them?

It is easier to update your oak cabinets without not need for their replacement. Gather inspiration from Thelifetimenews and think about what changes you want. Choose any neutral color for all walls. Add some more lighting that enhances the unique look.

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