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How To Say Shut up in Spanish Confidently? Top 6 Ways

The Spanish language is impressive and people want to learn it. To try how to say shut up in Spanish is an interesting task especially when you are free. It is not a tough task. But, it needs your full efforts with continuous practice. Many times we want to say someone to silence but in a decent tone with the soft word. Now, you will know what exactly that word is.

You shut up in Spanish is a popular phrase in education that everyone wants to know it. They want to use these words in any fight. The Spanish people want to learn the language of Spanish to English also. People from numerous countries have an interest in learning Spanish as well.

When you will decide to speak in Spanish, you will need to practice it daily. So, you will speak fluently. Here, there are impressive ways “how to say shut your mouth in Spanish”. Thereby, you enable me to handle every situation calmly.

There are 6 ways for how to say shutup in Spanish como se dice callate en ingles

  1. Cállate – Shut up
  2. Cállate – la boca Shut your mouth
  3. Cierra la boca – Close your mouth
  4. Silencio – Silence
  5. Guarda silencio – Be quiet, stay quiet
  6. Chitón Shut up

How To Say Shut up in Spanish with a good manner?

Shut up in Spanish with a good manner

It is not tough to say it in Spanish. Many of you know about the word callate and many may not. The meaning of the word callate in English and callate in Spanish is the same. In both languages, its interpretation remains the same. In general, this word’s origin is Spanish. It is one of the coolest words to close someone’s mouth in Spanish. This word will give you enough power to stop the wrong talk to anybody. Even, its pronunciation is also easier. After just two to three attempts, you will say it confidently.

Pronoun Conjugation
You (singular informal) cállate la boca
You (singular formal) cállese la boca
You (plural) callaos la boca, or cállense la boca.


How to say shut your mouth in Spanish

Usually, the efficient way to shut one’s mouth is to say callate. In particular, it is a singular form and you can only say it to one person at a time. However, if you want to know its plural form, it is callense. Now you know the callate meaning. You can easily learn it and say it to anyone if they are wrong.

Some may think about whether is it rude to say callate. Callate is not too rude. However, it depends on the expression & tone of a person. There is also the word “Callan”. The Spanish people use it in their conversations. This factor is most common in those situations where you do not know how to stop anyone’s tongue.

In Spanish In English
¿En serio tienes 60 años? No te creo, ¡cállate la boca! You are really 60? I can’t believe it, shut your mouth!


en situaciones así más vale callarse la boca


in situations like that it’s best to keep your mouth shut
Tietmeyer tendrán que callarse la boca debiendo brindarse mayor precisión a los responsables de las PYME.


I think that people like Mr Tietmeyer should keep quiet and small businessmen need to be told what is what.


Estamos en examen, chicos. Silencio.


We’re in the middle of an exam, kids. Silence.


Chitón, Juana, que quiero escuchar la televisión


Shush, Juana, I want to hear the TV



How do you say be quiet in Spanish?

In our daily lives, we all should know how to say someone and be quiet in Spanish. This imperative phrase is not an aggressive one. You can use “Guarden Silencio” to say be quiet. This word directly means stop talking in Spanish. These two words can fit in various situations. They have a large range of meanings such as keep quiet, remain silent, etc. The specialty of such words is that you can say them for one person or a group.

Moreover, these words are also good to say when you are in an aggressive mood. Your facial expression plays a crucial role in the nature of such words. If you say them with an aggressive facial expression, people consider you are saying with rudeness. On the opposite side, if you say it with a polite tone, the other people take it as friendly. They may think you will talk to them later.

quiet in Spanish

Furthermore, the teachers in school also say “Guarden Silencio” to their students. They instruct them to keep silent the maintaining discipline. And, children understand what the teachers want from them.

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How to say shut the hell up in Spanish

The exact words for shutting the hell up in Spanish are “Callate De Una Maldita Vez”. But, in general, we can say such words to only our true friends as pandora kaaki used to for her friends. The reason is that other individuals get angry if we talk to them in such a way. We all know that friends will never take my mind on any statement.

So, now we will tell you how to say your best friend in Spanish. It is an easier one. There is a little difference in the telling of male friends and female friends. However, it is simpler to learn and tell it. You can give a surprise to your friend by saying this word in a different language. The friend in Spanish is Amiga and amigo for feminine and masculine respectively. The best means in this language is “Mejor”. When you put “Mejor” before “Amiga or Amigo”, it means you are saying best friend.

Therefore, you can say anything to your friend or best friend in this language. When your friend interruption during your talk, again and again, you can say “Cierra la Boca”. It is a way to show some anger to your friend because it directly means shutting your trap.

How do you say shut up in Spanish?

That particular word is “Silencio”. It means silence. In this polite way, no one will be angry with you when you say it. This word is so suitable that you can utilize it in your speech when you address an unknown person.

Your motive should only be that I will try in Spanish. Such a motive will give you more courage to do some adventurous thing in your life. Your family or friends will be really surprised to see you when you talk to them in another language that they do not know. It gives you more energy to live an energetic life.

Wrap up

Whenever we try to learn a new language, it becomes difficult to find accurate words that express our feelings. In this scenario, everyone tires. To solve this issue, we told you some numerous unique ways of calling how to say “shut up” in Spanish. They are helpful in any formal & informal situation.

After knowing how do you say please be quiet in Spanish, you should also know don’t tell me to shut up in Spanish. Thus, when you want to complete your talk in any argument, you can say it fluently by reading Thelifetimenews‘s article. Learning different words & phrases in Spanish will help you in the quick understanding of this language.

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