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What is DocBand How it Different by Other?

A doc band is an ideal option for the treatment of Plagiocephaly. This issue is mostly present in the boys. One side of the head becomes flat. But, the good thing is that you can save your child with this syndrome. With Doc, the treatment becomes easier and you will see the best results in a shorter duration.

What Does Doc Stand for

It stands for Dynamic Orthotic Cranioplasty. US authority claims that it is the first band with the presence of the best cranial technologies. It is a great way for plagiocephaly’s treatment. There are numerous options for choosing this band. The 360 wraps doc band is an excellent choice to easily adjust it on the baby’s head.

Working of Doc band

All babies need to utilize the babys band and especially boys. Its working includes applying the correct pressure on the child’s head. The benefit of DOC is to get results of normal forehead shape. For getting the best results, it should wear for a complete day regularly. After two weeks, the improvements will visible. All professional clinicians do the process of regular adjustment of the band. Therefore, the head growth will become normal and accurate.

Different From Other Cranial Helmets

The DOC band is different from numerous other cranial helmet decals. There are many reasons for its uniqueness than others:

  • It has a proven certificate from the US health authority that it is good for plagiocephaly treatment.
  • The clinical study shows that it is safe for kids. The kids will easily play and sleep also. They will remain comfortable.
  • It is amazing to not only make the correct shape of the head but also an excellent skull shape.
  • The company utilizes the most advanced technology for the accurate measurement of corrective forces that your child will need. In this way, there is maximum growth of the head.
  • It is different from numerous other therapy devices. It enhances growth and also reshapes the head. Thus, you will see quick results in a short time.

DocBand vs Helmet

One helmet works properly for eight months. During this time, it will never deform. On the other hand, the DoocBand remains perfect for three months. Such bands absorb much heat & moisture as compared to helmets.

DocBand vs Starband

docband vs standband

The Doc band is lightweight but the starband is a little heavier. You can use anyone. But, you should consider that model which provides a comfortable feeling to your child. In addition, the DocBand is more expensive than a starband helmet. It is due to the buying of two bands. Few treatments need more duration for accurate results, so parents have to buy two helmets.

How much Time Baby has to Wear it?

The wearing of doc band baby depends on the child’s age. Another factor that depends on it is the condition of this syndrome. When your kid’s age is four to six months, it is a time of fast growth. Therefore, this treatment will require less time during starting months. But, the most accurate duration is almost eighteen months. However, most of the treatment is from six to sixteen weeks.

In numerous cases, the kid gets more advantage with the use of the 2nd band. According to research, fifteen percent of kids get amazing treatment when they use another band. The choosing of a second band will also enhance the duration of treatment. When you will see the results of the before and after baby head helmet, this duration is not too lengthy.

How to adjust Doc Band Helmet?

The doc band child is a customizable thing that you can easily fit on your child’s head. Although it is custom-fit, there is not much requirement for the adjustment. It is mostly in standard size. Not all babies are the same. Thus, the parents should buy as per their needs. The DOC is lightweight and also offers you to easily adjust on the head.

Design and Manufacturing

The team of DOC makes customizable doc band wraps according to the client’s requirements. 9 team members work together on the manufacturing task. All of them are experts in their fields. Their fields include technical as well as an artisan. High-quality materials are utilized in its making process. The cranial tech technique is also present in it. The look of your child’s head before and after doc band is completely different.

The Quality systems Utilized in it are:

Digital Surface Imaging 

It is one of the strongest systems to capture 3D images. Such a type of image is great to make precision-fit bands.

Sentient 3D Software

After knowing about more than ten thousand plagiocephaly cases, this software was made. It helps in the easier collecting of proper force with the band’s design. Thereby, you will see maximum positive results.

Quality Inspection

The inspection is the last step of manufacturing. This step ensures that there is no fault in the design & making process. There is a total of twenty-eight points in this inspection. After this step, the DOC band is delivered to the client.


What is a doc band?

This band is specific for the best growth of the child’s head. Your child’s head will grow normally with the use of it. You will see the best improvements in just a few months of its use.

The doc band decals for children provide the best pressure to redirect the kid’s head shape. Your baby will remain comfortable after the wearing of it also.

What is a doc band used for?

It is a suitable technique for the treatment of plagiocephaly. This problem is common in small kids the age of three to eighteen months. It ensures the best natural growth of the head’s shape. Further, there is the amazing quality of doc mcstuffins band aid clip art that you can use when your child got any small injury.

How to clean doc band?

You should clean the bands with the use of isopropyl alcohol, especially the inside part. The best time for cleaning is during bath time. This solution will never damage the kid’s skin.

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