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Who is Fernanda Gómez and It Lifestyle ?

Fernanda gómez is a popular celebrity but many people want more detail about quien es Fernanda gómez(who is she). She is one of the beautiful Mexican public figures. Besides model, she is an entrepreneur from Guadalajara. She gained much popularity after making a relationship with Canelo Álvarez. He is a successful boxer that became the world champion six times.

Fernanda come to see Canelo’s matches many times. But, nobody knows much detail about her. She is a beautiful lady from a good family. Canelo wants not to share his details but every fan wants to know complete information about Canelo’s wife and Canelo álvarez children. Here, you will know about the Canelo Alvarez family and also details of Fernanda completely.

Fernanda Gomez Biography

Fernanda Gomez Biography

Her birthday month is June. She celebrates her birthday with her family and husband. She was born in 1996. Accordingly, now fernanda gómez edad (fernanda gómez age) is twenty six years. She always wants to celebrate her birthday with theme ideas. Her homeland is Mexico. Fernanda gómez height is 5′ 7″. Her ethnicity is Spanish with the religion of Christianity. She completed her studies in Mexico. Her primary & secondary education was from a local public school. Further, she got her graduation degree from a well-known university.

Fernanda Gomez Family

Fernanda Gomez has a wealthier family. Her parents worked a lot and then they provided an amazing lifestyle to their kids. She did not reveal any detail about the profession of her parents. She also has siblings but no one knows their details. Gomez has the nationality of Mexican. Her complete family follows the Christian religion.

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Fernanda Gomez’s Career & Lifestyle

Gomez is a successful entrepreneur and made their own personal Nailbar & boutique. Her professional life gave her more success. She is an excellent influencer and works as a model. She is a popular personality and is also involved in numerous sponsorships. Her boutique is also in her hometown. She is a fabulous celebrity face. When she became Canelo’s lover, she gets more limelight.

Fernanda Gomez Net worth / Income / House

Her career started as one of the most beautiful bloggers. She is popular on Instagram. She has the best habit of sharing photos with her fans. Most of the time, she gives the best ideas about fashion & beauty. Her makeup techniques are very unique. She also tells the secret behind her modern look. The best thing about her account is that you will know about many life hacks through her posts.

Besides sharing such posts, she also shows her luxurious lifestyle with her husband and a child. She is enough famous that people follow want to follow her and want more about her family. The net worth of her income is more than one million dollars. Her goals in life are too higher, so she works harder to achieve all of them. She is happy with her husband. Furthermore, she lives her life according to her desires.

Fernanda Gomez’s Relationships & Marriage

Fernanda Gomez’s Relationships & Marriage

Canelo’s girlfriend is more famous than him in the 2016 year. There is a strong relationship between them. After confessing love to each other, both started dating. Their relationship remained secret for many months. Fernanda gómez has current partner Canelo Alvarez. But, some sources confirm that they both separated when she became pregnant. But, after a short time, they solved their issue.

Fernanda became Canelo alvarez wife in 2021. There are great celebrations of Canelo Alvarez wedding. Canelo was in many other relations and that is the reason for the step kids of Fernanda.

Canelo alvarez Biography

Canelo alvarez Biography

Fans of Canelo have much knowledge about his personality. Many also have an idea about how tall is Canelo Alvarez. Maybe, some do not know it. Canelo álvarez height is 5′ 8″ which is amazing. As you now knew that esposas de Canelo Alvarez  (wife of Alverez), now we will tell you about Canelo Alvarez parents. Her parents are from Los Reyes, Michoacán. When Canelo was five years old, then his family moved to Jalisco.

Fernanda Gomez’s Children

The fernanda gómez daughter is Maria Fernanda Alvarez. But, many people do not know about total Canelo Alvarez kids. So, now here, you will know about how many kids does canelo have. Besides Maria, Canelo’s kids are three more. One of canelo’s daughter is emily cinnamon álvarez from another relationship. Fernanda & Canelo have only one daughter.

Fernanda Gomez’s Physical Appearance

Fernanda Gomez’s Physical Appearance

Fernanda Chavez Canelo has a beautiful face with blue eyes color. Her blonde brown makes her personality more attractive. There is no tattoo on her body. her weight is 59kg.

Social Media Accounts

The official Instagram Fernanda gómez account is @fernandagmtz. She is not on Twitter and other social accounts. But, she has a total of 1.2m followers on Instagram.

Facts you Should Know about Fernanda Gomez

Now, you will know about those facts that are interesting to know more about this attractive personality. She is charming with great choices of wearing and eating. She has a healthy diet routine. It is a reason for her glowing skin. Fernanda loves to become part of luxury brands. That’s the reason many brands approached her for their commercials. She likes many popular brands such as Gucci, Nike, etc.

Canelo is a great boxer that takes a lot of money for playing matches. He became a father when he was 16 years old. After starting his boxing career, he also started his relationship life. She likes the environment of beaches. Therefore, she posted many of her images when she visited beaches. Many times, she prefers to go with family & friends.

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