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Matt Groening Net worth – Earning, Personal Life, Professional Career

Matt Groening is a famous American millionaire, producer, comedy writer, cartoonist, animator, voice actor, and creator of the famous television series “Life in hell” and “The Simpsons”. It is one of the best and most extended cartoon TV series globally that got several nominations and awards. Currently, matt Groening net worth has more than 600$ in 2021, which includes him on the millionaire’s list.

Mainly Matt is famous due to his most extended animated running television series, “The Simpsons,”; which is the most extensive TV series in history. He had a keen interest in animated videos since his childhood that took him into this legendary career, and finally, he proved himself as a legend in this field with his creativity.

And now Matt is known as one of the best cartoonist creators globally that have a huge fan following of people who like animation videos. Probably, there is no house in the USA that doesn’t like and watch Groening’s created animations cartoons.

So, in this article, we will talk about the actual matt groening net worth per year, how he made this income, why he is so popular, his early life, career, success story, and lifestyle. And lastly, what are other sources of his income.

Early Life of Matt Groening and his Family Personal Story

Groening was born on Feb 15, 1954, in the American state of Portland, Oregon and he belongs to a well-educated family. He has the middle number out of his five siblings. Well, his two younger brothers and sister were born in 1950 and 1952. And after two years of Matt’s sister’s birth (Patty), he was born. Matt’s mother (Margaret Ruth) was a professional teacher but Matt’s Canadian-born American father (Philip Groening) was well known as a filmmaker, writer, advertiser, and cartoon creator.

Matt’s mother died at 94years of age in 2013, and his father died in 1996. Furthermore, his grandfather also was a professor in college. He got his early education from Ainsworth Elementary and Lincoln High School; and after that, he graduated from Evergreen Olympia College Washington in 1977. But he was not satisfied with this college and described him as “a hippie college.”

Professional Career

Matt’s success story is not just a single night tale. In his early life, he faced too many difficulties to reach this legendary status. Groening described all his early struggles in his comic book “Life in Hell.” Famous American animator Matt had a keen interest in writing. Therefore, to fulfill this dream to become a good writer, he shifted to Los Angeles in 1977 at 23 years. He went through several jobs he mentioned in the book as “a series of lousy jobs.” During his early time in Los Angeles, he worked as a dishwasher in a nursing home, busing tables; he also worked as a clerk in a restaurant and landscaper.

The same year Matt started writing a self-comic book: “The life in Hell,” for his friend. In this book, he described how he is living and struggling for his life in Los Angeles. Lucky next year, he sold his first cartoon copy to an American magazine, “avant-garde Wet.” In 1978 he started working in newspapers as a reader, paper delivery, typesetters, answering phone calls, and editor.

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However, 1980 was a lucky year for him when he showed his cartoons to James Vowell, who was editor in that newspaper; and he gave him in chance by publishing them. On April 25, 1980, the first time, Matt’s creativity was publicly posted in the paper. A little Real success came in 1984 when he published the first book “Love is Hell,” which explained a series of relationships. He published this with the support of his girlfriend and coworker that got 2000 sales in the first two printings.

 The Simpsons

In a series of animated videos on Simpsons, the character was aired on “The Tracey Ullman Show.” After that, he created many successful shows and projects that lead him unstoppable careers.


In 1997 Matt with David X. Cohen produced an animated series on the life of 3000 years.

Animation Movies  

Matt created an animated movie “The Simpsons” in 2007 with a $75 million Budget, and this movie earned $527 million on the box office, which led him to the list of millionaires. This is a short story of his professional life. And it is hard to mention Matt’s all professional projects, achievements, and success stories. So, we only included the main things that are associated with Groening.

Personal Life

Matt Groening got into marriage with Deborah Caplan in 1986, and both had two kids. Both are boys with the names of Homer and Abe. Matt also portrayed them in comic series as rabbits. This marriage relationship continued for 13 years and in 1999, he divorced Deborah. In 2009 Matt started dating an Argentine artist named Agustina Picasso. After four years of relationship, Groening married Picasso. Now both have five children together and are enjoying a happy life.

Professional Awards and Success

Groening had won 13 awards from 41 Emmy Awards nominations. In 2004 Matt got the National Cartoonist Society Reuben Award. Also, he received a British comedy award due to his excellent contribution to cartoonist comedy.

How he became so rich and what is the current Net worth of Matt Groening?

Although it is unclear how much he earned from famous animated TV series or a comedy writer and producer, his financial status over the last ten years showed he made millions of dollars per year. As we already mentioned, matt groening net worth of 600 million dollars in early 2021, but in August, his net worth increased to 650$ million.

Other income sources

Matt also wrote more than 40 books, and each book sells around $182.93 in hard copy. That is another secondary source of income.


Matt purchased a house for $11.65 million in Santa Monica in 2011. And in 2019, he also spent $11.9 million to buy a home in Monica. Furthermore, he has another home in Malibu that was purchased with $8.5 million in 2000. So currently, all his houses are worth $32.05 million.

Car collection

Currently, Matt has only one car manufactured by Toyota (Prius V) that has a worth of $27,510 to $31,770 in the market.


Politically Groening is a Democratic who led and supported several election campaigns. And he also donated several times his money to Democratic Party.

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