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Maria Sharapova Life ,Career and Net Worth


Maria Sharapovais an exceptional highest-paid player. She was born in Russia. She always wanted to become a successful tennis player. Yuri Yutkin is a good Russian coach that gives the best training. Yuri also gave coaching to Maria. When she was seven years old, her father took her to the US from her hometown. At that time, the total money of her father was $700. With time, Maria proved herself and became a professional tennis player. Maria Sharapova net worthis from $180 to $220 million. She raised the name of Russia in tennis sports.  

Early Life

As we told that Sharapova came to the US with her father. But, her mother received visa confirmation after two years of their going. She wanted to join Nick Bollettieri in practicing tennis. But, she did not join it because her age was below to age criteria for admission to the academy. After then, she joined the International Management Group and started her initial training. Maria Sharapova’s heightis 1.88 m. Her height is ideal for the professional playing of tennis.

During her young age, Maria Sharapova hot pictures gave her more attention from the public. People wanted to see their favorite athlete in the top ranking. Furthermore, Maria Sharapova’s feet are beautiful. It is a big reason that he got different chances of modeling. She looks pretty when modeling.

Early Career

Her career started at a young age. When she was 14 years girl, she became a professional athlete. After two years, she won the title of International Junior Tennis Championship. She played in numerous Junior Tournaments. She was in the number of 6th in this junior ranking. During this duration, she achieved the trophies of 3 tournaments.


She firstly played her first complete tournament in 2003. This year, she won a 2-tournament. In 2004, she was included in the top twenty best female athletes. She was a great challenger for all other professional players. After her continuous winning, she gained numerous fans. One of her victories was defeating Serena Williams. And then, she became a champion of WTA. Her winning strategy took her name to the first position.

Her favorite tournaments are US Open & Zurich Open. These tournaments gave her many experiences with winning titles. Sharapova also received the champion trophy of the Acura Classic. She is an excellent tennis athlete that won numerous matches & tournaments. Her fans always motivate her.

End of Career

She gained the title of Australian Open for 4 times. She got extreme injuries in 2016. The authority suspended her for doping. But, she claimed that the doctor recommended it. Her suspension was removed in 2017 and then she won the WTA title. She was in the top 25th position in the overall world ranking. At the end of 2018, she was in 29th position. Due to her injuries, she decided to take retirement after 800 matches.

Maria Sharapova’s Net Worth

If we talk about her net worth in USD, it is $196 million. This net worth is at the start of the year. As compared to previous years, her income increase every year. Major sources of her income are endorsements & sponsorship. Everyone wants more & more net worth in their lives. But, she also believed in doing charity work. Her charity foundation is under her name. She gives scholarship opportunities to poor students. So, every student will complete their education.


The monthly income is higher than $1.5 million. In this way, her yearly income is between $16 to $18 Million. Sometimes, this income also increases depending on her work. It is an updated income status of the player.

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Endorsements earning give her more reputation. After winning Grand Slam, she got many endorsements. One of the famous mobile companies Motorola gave her endorsement. She did many contracts with popular brands like Land Rover & Canon. Moreover, Gatorade & Tropicana decided to give their sponsorship to this athlete. Nowadays, she is working with numerous partners such as Nike, Supergoop & Porsche, etc.

Maria Sharapova Assets

Maria Sharapova sexy attitude has the best & prominent assets. In California, she has an amazing home. She decided to buy it in 2015. Its cost is a minimum of $2 million. Besides, there are numerous real estate properties of this player. Such properties are in both Russia & United States.

She has a large collection of cars. The luxury cars increase her attractive personality when she travels. Mercedes & Audi are Maria’s favorite brands.

Social Account

The player uses her Instagram account. She is popular on social media also. Instagram Maria Sharapova’s account is @mariasharapova. She has more than 4.4 followers. She posts many of her pictures. Maria likes beaches, so she spends her holidays there. There are different posts of Maria Sharapova bikini. There are also posts on Maria Sharapova naked retail store visited. Such posts show her worthy presence in to going this store. However, you cannot find pictures of Maria Sharapova nude.

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