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Jack Harlow Height And Personal Life

Jack Harlow is one of the famous USA rappers & singers. He also writes songs and his many songs became too famous. He is more popular to know as jack the rapper. He is one of the tall rappers. It is the biggest reason that people want to know about Jack Harlow’s height. We will tell you Jack Harlow’s height in ft and all other details about the rapper. His popularity became too enhanced after his song “What’s Poppin”. In 2020, it was released. Now, this year, he sang the song “Industry Baby”. This song became too viral on TikTok.

Jack Harlow Biography

Firstly, we will talk about the Jack Harlow wiki. So, you will know all of his personal details. Jack Harlow real name is Jack Thomas Harlow. But, in the music industry, his name is famous as Jack Harlow only. In particular, Jack Harlow’s ethnicity is white. He looks amazing in his personality. Jack Harlow hair is short and curly. The curly hair makes his face more attractive. He is a crush on many young girls. Jack Harlow’s height and weight are 5’9” and 75kgs respectively.

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How tall is Jack Harlow?

People search a lot on the internet to know about Jack Harlow age height. Firstly, we will talk about his height. Jack Harlow’s height is 6’3” according to the physical presence of the singer himself. But, this fact is not so true. In reality, Jack Harlow height in feet is five feet & nine inches. If you want to know Jack Harlow height in cm, it is 180 cm. You can compare his heights with other rappers, you will see the difference. The Game (rapper) height is 6’4”. Harlow looks short than The Game.

How tall is Jack Harlow

Most people become confused about knowing the actual height of the rapper. When you see his apparent height it looks 6’3”. But, the singer’s more accurate height is 5’9”. That’s why his fans do a different comparison of his height with other singers. When you will see Harlow & Dababy together, you will notice they are almost equal and tall. So, how tall is Dababy? Dababy is 5’8” tall. If you want to see a singer with tall height, you should know how tall is Blueface. He is 6’3” taller. His physical appearance looks makes him taller than Harlow.

The rapper never gave any statement on it. His height looks tall but it is not his fault. Fans want to know his tallness. People worry about his height because he was rated as 2.9 out of ten. But, it is not the point of too worrying. This singer is still in his growing age. So, there is a hope he will tall above six feet soon.

How old is Jack Harlow?

Now, we will talk about Jack Harlow age. His birthday is on 13th March. He was born in 1998. His hometown is in the US. He is now just 24 years old. Every year, he celebrates his birthday with his family & friends.


Jack Harlow parents are now living in Louisville. Brain Harlow is his father & Maggie Payette is his mother. They shifted to Louisville after twelve years of Jack’s birth. It is also that place where the singer selected singing as her profession.  

Career Life

Jack Harlow young is always passionate to contribute his part to the music industry. He recorded his songs utilizing a Mic. People heard his first song in 2011. That song’s name was “Extra Credit”. At that time, he was doing his study from high school. But, he released his second song in 2015 when he completed his study.

After then, there were many mixtapes of him. In 2018, he signed different contracts for singing. After his release of “What’s Poppin”, his career got more successful. This song is popular on every platform including Spotify & YouTube. On YouTube, it has more than one hundred million views. In addition, On Spotify, has more than 380 million views. There are many exciting soundtracks of him that will release in the future.


There are many questions about Jack Harlow girlfriend. The singer cleared it in one interview. He said that he is not in a relationship. Even, though there is no source of information regarding Jack Harlow girlfriend 2021. Harlow said that he did not date anyone and also he did not fall in love till now.


There were many rumors of his relationship with Addison. Addison is too famous on TikTok. She claimed to the media that we are not dating. In the past, Addison had a relationship with Bryce Hall. However, their relationship finished when people thought of the relationship between Harlow & Addison.

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Social Media Accounts

The singer is active on social media apps. You can see all those posts that he posted on his Instagram account. He shares all of his professional details on the account. So, you will know about what will be the next project of him. Jack Harlow Instagram is @jackharlow. Furthermore, Jack Harlow Twitter account name is the same as his Instagram account.

Jack Harlow Net Worth

Jack Harlow Net Worth

The net worth is four million dollars. It is all because of the singer’s good generating of music. The rapping style of Harlow is totally outstanding. He has enough capability to give competition to all famous rappers. Every new soundtrack of him gives more popularity to the rapper. His every music improves day by day. His name will surely include in the list of richest rappers. This achievement will need just 5-year.

Is Jack Harlow a Dad?

As we told, he is not in a relationship. He is not dating anyone. Thereby, he has no child. Further, he said that he will lucky to become the father of daughters. But now, his focus is on the profession. He wants to become a successful rapper & singer.

Is Jack Harlow an only Child?

Jack is not a single kid of his parents. His younger brother is “Clay Harlow”. He was born in 2000 and his age is twenty-two years. He is two years younger than Jack. 

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