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TikTok Hot or Not Composite Images Trend Now a Days

Everyone wants to follow the new trends every day, especially in the creation of hot Tik Tok videos. The popular social media app is TikTok in this era. People share their videos on this platform. The users follow all of the trends such as TikTok Hot or Not Composite Images Trend Nowadays

This trend is not only common on TikTok but it is also popular on Instagram, FaceBook, etc. Many users attract to new trends & viral videos and then start to follow them. The montage animations are helpful in making such clips. The user’s main purpose in following this composite trend is to know if he/she is “hot or not”.

Hot or Not Composite Images Trend

Now, we will talk about what is actually a hot or not composite viral trend. Nowadays, it is the most common & famous trend. Even, it gets popularity day by day. Everyone wants to do this challenge by making their videos.

In this scenario, there is an option of “Attractive Face Scale Pattern”. This TikTok feature gives a score according to all pictures. This score is from 0 to 10. It majorly depends on the attractiveness of the pictures. The 10 scores consider the hottest level. However, 0 is the least hot level. This scale was created by Pierre Tourigny.

What are composite images?

Composite images mean the merging of numerous pictures into 1 frame. This task looks easier but if you want to create a composite image, you will need time. Many visual creators also consider it a tough task to completely make a composite image.

But, Tiktok hot software of “Attractive Scale Pattern” allows you to quickly make any composite image. It just requires a few seconds. With this feature, you can combine fifteen pictures into one. After then, it will give you an attractive rate.

Determines your attractiveness

The hot or not composite pictures are the best in the determination of attractiveness. The motive behind it is only amusement. It is for fun only and it never wants to hurt anyone’s feelings. So, all users have not taken this scale level seriously. In particular, this composite trend will never give accurate results about a person’s attractiveness.

If you get a high-grade level, you will become happier. And, then try to take more new photos and again want to follow this trend. On the other hand, if anyone gets poor grades, the user should never feel disappointed. Its solution is to take more new images in the pretty background with the best light quality. Ultimately, the new picture will get a high chance of getting a higher grade score.

Viral trends & music

There are numerous viral videos available on this app. Some videos become so viral that they remain in trending videos for a longer duration. But all trends including hot or not composite images need proper music or soundtrack. Most of the users spend their major time searching for the best sounds for their videos. It is also essential to make a cool video that becomes popular among the audience. This “Hot or not” trend is with the music of “King of the Hill”. Above forty thousand users make their videos using this music and complete their attractive face scale challenges. This theme is great and everyone loves to use it.

Tik Tok Videos with Multiple Images

Now, if you have an interest in the creation of trending videos of hot or not composite photos, we will tell you the way to easier making. In this scenario, you will also need less time. Follow the below steps:

  • Firstly, make your composite image and store it in the phone’s memory. You can make composite images through any application.
  • Secondly, go to your TikTok application and search the “Shapeshifting” effect option.
  • Thirdly, you need to select this option and then insert your images or videos.
  • After selecting, now click the start button to record your video. The application will automatically perform its action and deliver you the best outcome.
  • It is your choice which music you want for your video.

When you follow the above steps, you will make your video instantly. It is a great idea to post on the TikTok platform also.

Advantages & disadvantages of this Hot or Not Composite Images Trend

To find your Tik Tok hot video attractive or not, do this challenge. It is the easiest one. It is helpful in getting more fans. You will attract others with this challenging video. With this trend, some people start to make their original videos and then also post them on Tik Tok. Fans will appreciate users who have enough courage to post such challenging videos. Many social media influencers also follow this trend on other social media sites.

With its numerous advantages of becoming a more popular influencer, it also has a disadvantage. Few individuals think that it is not a funny matter that this application will judge your attractiveness. You are attractive in your way. Besides, some people think that no one knows how much another person is attractive because everyone uses high-quality HD pictures or videos. If someone gets a low score, he/she may feel bad. But, the only thing that should consider is that it is only a fun way to spend your extra time.


The challenge of how or not composite image is one of the most dynamic. Numerous users do not complete this trendy challenge but also share it with their friends and fans. So, everyone will make their video on an attractive scale. This scale is for giving the grade score from 0 to 10 on the user’s composite images. Further, it is a good way to know how interesting that person is in the combined image.

The best thing is to never take serious this challenge. It is for fun, so you will remain happy or satisfied with your appearance. The TikTokers utilize their composite pictures to know about their pictures are “hot or not”. Likewise the “Attractive Face Scale”, some people also use the “Shapeshifting effect” to make this trendy video.

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