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Have you watched So Far the Best TV Shows of 2021?

We know it is just too early to drop down the best for 2021, but come on, 2021 has been great for television. Well, some of the most amazing, nerve-wracking, butt-clenching, and super dramatic Best TV shows debuting and sequencing in this year we need to make sure you have not missed them.

But how can we talk about 2021 and not address the elephant in the room: the COVID pandemic. The virus that started from the China Shop leading and covering the entire globe is now put to rest at least in America (yay). Although the virus brought nothing but painful memories and struggles for many if we try to enlighten the positive side of the pandemic, the two things come to our mind: time and entertainment.

In our usual days (before the pandemic), we hardly had time to finish an entire series in one go. However, with a pandemic-induced lifestyle, I have watched three movies, one TV show, and trailers of coming TV shows in one day! In addition, this is not a competition so please do not start blurting out your achievements.

Nevertheless, the point is that we are still not completely done with the pandemic. A lot of people are continually working, studying, and living from home like in the previous months. Therefore, there is still a lot of time to watch the amazing shows on spectrum tv select, Netflix, Amazon on all the cable TV and internet streaming platforms. Therefore, to help you with this we have picked out some of our favorites from 2021.


The 30 Rock million jokes that molded into something emotional and reflective, Meredith Scardino’s offerings is what kicked off the amazing show. The show starring Busy Philipps, Paula Pell, Sea Bareilles, and Renee Elise Goldsberry, Girsl5eva infectious show that will keep you stick to your television set until you finish watching it. Watch the show on Peacock.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht

With not so smooth Season 1, ‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’ aired the Season 2 with applauses from start until the end. The show is full of drama, fun and hot Engineer Colin will have you doubting your entrainment curiosity. You just cannot miss watching this amazing show in 2021, you never know what 2022 bring for you so you might as well catch all the TV drama this year. Also, it is a Bravo series.


Oh, so you have heard about it but not watched the comic book adaptation of the amazing TV series? Well, too bad. We are going to force you into watching it. Invisible could have been just another super violet animated show. But instead, the Prime Video adaptation brings the superhero troupes into more emotional characters. With emotional drama and epic twists in the final episodes of Season 1. You cannot let this amazing series swing out of your watch bucket list. Watch it on Amazon and thanks to Amazon for picking up two more seasons of Invincible.

Ginny & Georgia

Here comes our favorite. So before watching the show all we heard was about how “good” it is, how “good” the story is or how “good the direction is. But to be honest this shows kept us hooked badly! Netflix and I do not get along but with ‘Ginny & Georgia’, I had to bow down to the platform. The cast and their characters were valorous, spontaneous, and hilarious all at the same time. And trust me you need to watch the show cause once you step out of your home this is all people are going to chat about. And you do not want to sound irrelevant, don’t you? It is a Netflix show so you know where to watch it.

It’s a Sin

HBO Max’s It’s a sin stands apart. Based on hard, horrifying, and disturbing truths, the series shows powerful storytelling. From making the AIDS crisis terrific real and super personal, to making sure your eyes land upon happy conclusions. It’s a Sin, is something different interesting, and hard to ignore. One of the most honest shows ever, It’s a Sin will have you getting for begging for happy times. But are there any? You need to find this out!

There are more You should be watching a lot more epic TV series right now. However, what we mentioned above is undoubtedly the best of all.

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