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What You Should Know Before Buying a Mobile Phone in Nigeria?

Don’t Purchase a Smartphone till you have Studied this Document.

I am a former Mobile Phone Store Manager, and thru my activity, I found out lot approximately cellular smartphone offers and the enterprise itself. To shop time, I simply undergo the net each week and listing them on my websites, at the least, I can simply inform them wherein to appearance. It amazes me eleven though that they nevertheless make equal mistakes in infinix hot 9 price in Nigeria. If you study this document optimistically you may not make equal ones!

Mistake Number 1

Not shopping online. I recognize it’s tempting to get your preferred smartphone to your hand directly away, however, if you may wait till the subsequent running day, you may typically get a higher deal (I need to mention ALWAYS get a higher deal, however simply in case, I’ll guard myself). The online traders do not need to pay staff so that you will typically get unfastened add-ons at least as a benefit. You continually want to shop for from a good service provider eleven though.

Mistake Number 2

Not being sincere to themselves approximately using the smartphone. How typically do I advocate a pal to get a settlement smartphone with an unfastened line condominium deal in place of purchase of infinix hot 9 price in nigeria a pay as you move? “I may not use it much” – yeah right. At the time of penning this deal is to be had online –

Pay as You Go

Recommended retail rate of smartphones £199. The better price of calls or minimal voucher pinnacle up approach my buddy will pay an average of £20 in line with month.

18 * £20 = £360, plus price of smartphone to shop for = £199. TOTAL £559

It might have been inexpensive for my buddy to shop for the V3 on settlement via way of means of £163, shop the up the front price, experience the greater mins and now no longer need to fear approximately the smartphone slicing out because of loss of credit score as she may want to have used the unfastened mins and texts every month. She additionally may want to have given me the unfastened V3! Also, after 18 months she may want to improve the smartphone for unfastened, and now no longer need to spend some other £2 hundred on a first-rate smartphone or end the settlement and begin once more with some other appropriate providers.

Mistake Number 3

Not claiming the cashback provide. It appears a reasonably not unusual place factor provide at the moment. You will need to declare your unfastened line condominium as cashback, wherein you may fill in a shape and ship it to the service provider together with a duplicate of positive bills. Some cut up the coins again over the time period of the settlement, while others make you declare in a single move.

There are 2 colleges of notion right here – in case you are forgetful, then it’s higher to have a cut-up coin again deal, due to the fact you could take into account. The following one or you may argue it’s higher to get it over within a single move so that you simplest need to take into account it once.

When I labored in the shop I changed into surprised at what number of humans did not declare their cashback. When they realized that they’d forgotten, it continually by some means controlled to be the shop’s fault, and now no longer theirs, however, there’s a manner you may continually take into account to declare.


Every smartphone recognizes on the minute has at the least a simple calendar/organizer. After you fee your smartphone make the primary activity you do with or not it’s to go into the dates for cashback withinside the organizer. You have to be capable of getting an alarm to give you this as well. I continually preserve my office work withinside the smartphone field which I preserve in a cupboard. If you’re possibly to neglect wherein you’ve got positioned the office work, positioned this withinside the organizer as well – see, it is a trick of the trade!

Mistake Number 4

Trying to shop for a Sim unfastened smartphone from eBay, and dropping out on it due to the fact they do not apprehend fraud or paying too much. I’ve offered masses of cellular telephones on eBay simplest to be charged expenses for a sale that did not, in reality, occur or be scammed. If you promote a smartphone on eBay, then watch out for any consumer with zero remarks. Be even greater conscious in the event that they need the smartphone delivery to Nigeria. Every unmarried this type of transaction changed into both rejected via way of means of the networks, or I changed into left paying eBay expenses on an object that I did not, in reality, promote due to the fact they might refuse to pay via way of means of PayPal or cheque.

The trouble right here is for the valid consumer, who finally ends up competing in opposition to the scammers. If your appearance withinside the superior seeks field on eBay for any cellular smartphone, you may possibly see them promoting for a very good couple of hundred kilos greater than they may be really well worth. I am nearly positive that the “consumer” could have a score of zero, or possibly -1 by the point the object is complete.


If you’re shopping for a smartphone on eBay, then do now no longer bid till the final minute if you may assist it. In this manner, the bid rate stands for much less threat of being artificially raised. If the rate does appear to be going too excessive and also you study the bidding records and spot that humans without remarks are bidding, then it could be really well worth contacting the supplier, suggesting that if the sale would not undergo, he can also additionally need to touch you. You can then optimistically negotiate a truthful rate. The supplier can then provide you a 2d threat sale thru eBay, and all of us are glad.

Mistake Number 5

Not purchasing around “properly”. They inquire from me for a good buy and I’m simplest too glad to inform them whereinto appearance, after all, I’ve reviewed all the first-rate web sites on-line, however, after I ask how they were given on I every so often observed they may have shop cash or were given a higher deal. They may want to both have been given the equal line condominium deal however were given unfastened add-ons with some other service provider, or worse nevertheless misplaced out on unfastened line condominium!

Mistake Number 6

Forgetting to Upgrade. The networks will provide you with a cellular smartphone after your minimal settlement expires. They do not typically remind you as it fees them cash to offer you a substitute handset. The upside for them is that it’s going to begin a brand-new settlement, however, you may frequently flip this for your advantage.


Put access withinside the telephones organizer reminding you to move and search for a brand-new deal at the quit of your settlement. If then you ring up your contemporary company and inform them you need to cancel. Due to the fact you have observed a higher deal, they may typically fit it to preserve you as a customer. I cannot promise it’s going to paintings each time, however. If it would not honestly take your quantity and get the brand-new deal out of your desire of retailer.

Infinix Hot 9 Price in Nigeria

Woke up when the alarm rang at 6.30 am. I headed to the kitchen for breakfast and I could not find any bread to toast. I opened my bag and found an infinix phone with a high-resolution screen.

We found out that the infinix hot 9 price in Nigeria is a new phone from Infinix which is available in Nigeria at a price of N40,000 for 8GB model and N50,000 for the 16GB model!

I felt like it was a dream come through and I quickly contacted my friend who also has one of these phones. We began comparing the prices, features, pros, and cons of our phone at length. We also tended to disagree on some features such as the camera quality in low light, battery life, water resistance, etc. It is clear that infinix hot 9 has the best features in terms of design.

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