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College Dorm Party – What to do to make it perfect?

College is a part of our lives for getting a good education. But, it is also a time for fun. At the end of college, the college dorm party is an amazing way to arrange a beautiful party. It is a way to cherish memorable moments with your fellows.

What kind of college dorm room party is it?

Such parties are attractive because all give their participation in them. It’s good entertainment so you have to plan everything before the party starts. It can be indoor or outdoor depending on the weather. It is a good tip to make beautiful surprise gifts for your friends and give them as their birthday gifts. The proper invitation to your guests is also important. So, make a list of those friends that you want to invite.

Invite friends

Exciting parties do not mean that you invite immature students that only do silly things. At college dorm partys, the exceptional tip is to invite best friends only. It is also a great time to meet your old school friends. You should also ask them if they will come or not. So, you arrange accordingly.

What do you do in a dorm with friends?

Numerous things make your party lovelier. Fun should be your priority, so you enjoy it all the time. You can watch a movie at a night. Further, cooking & baking is a great idea. If your crew has an interest in playing board games, must play and enjoy.

Steps to throw college dorm parties

You will easily throw a unique dorm party with the below steps. We will explain all those factors that you should consider. So, your party will remain free from any bad thing in your management.

What is party in my dorm room?

Dorm party room

Spend your time with your friends in a dorm room is one of the exciting games. You can arrange your party with your best friends. With the decoration of the room, share gifts also to make the day more amazing. You can invite all of your fellows as well.

1. Setting up

The first step is to properly make the setting for this party. For arranging a successful party, you have to contact your RA and talk with neighbors.

  • Permission from RA

It is only a Resident Assistant that will allow you to throw a party. Always give him respect, so he will trust you when you ask him permission. Thus, there is no issue with the shutdown of the party from RA.

  • Communicate with neighbors

Before one day of the party, communicate with neighbors. Tell them about your schedule and if you are friends with them, you can also give them an invitation.

2. Dorm Party Preparation & decoration

After the setting up, now think about preparations & college dorm party decorations. Charming decorations make your dorm more attractive.

  • Hide all precious things 

The hide is crucial, so no precious thing will break. Keep all your precious things safe. In this way, they will neither break nor steal.

  • Beer pong table 

Beer pong is a funny game for playing with all my friends. Everyone will feel happy participating in this game. You can easily do its setup. This drinking game is superb to enjoy.

  • Decorations 

The lovely decorations include lighting, flowers, green plants, etc. You can decorate the wall with your group photos.

3. Party time

Now, discuss what should do or what should not do at the party. The dorm college party should have all the basic ethics, so no one will be hurt by your party.

How do you throw a good dorm party?

A dorm room should be completely clean. You should talk to your neighbors about the party, so they will never disturb it. After this, make an exciting playlist of music. So, you all enjoy it all the time. The noise of music should not too high. Thereby, your neighbors will never say you any complaints. After a party, clean the room fully.

college Dorm party music

  • Loud music level 

Not exceed the sound level of the music. Your RA knows about your party but when the noise level is too loud, he will not be happier from it. It may cause the ending of the party instantly. The music noise should be enough that everyone talks easily.

  • Drink responsibly 

Drinking is normal for all parties. But, you have to notice that no guest drinks too much. Thereby, no bad thing will happen. You are the host, so you also should not drink.

  • Control over party 

You have full control over the party. To make sure peaceful parties, never invite those guests that you never know personally. Sometimes, if you invite such guests, they may cause any problem. Respect all your guests, so there is a peaceful & friendly environment.

4. After party

When your party is over, you have to consider and do the following things.

  • Everyone goes home safely 

Many times, people drink during parties. After drinking, they will not able to drive by themselves. Make sure their family members come to receive them. Thus, everyone reaches home safely. Another option is to book uber for them.

  • Cleanup 

Now, clean your dorm, so there will not be much mess for tomorrow. If no anything breaks, you will quickly clean it. Collect all the cups & bottles and throw them. Otherwise, there is a lot of bad smell of wastage in the room. Sometimes, your friends also want to help you with cleaning.

Party for one night or many nights

The college dorm room parties may be for one night only and 2-3 nights. You will do anything on these nights. Never think before the party night that it should be for only one night or many. It depends on the active participation of your all friends.

college Dorm party celebration

Can you spend the night in a dorm?

It all depends on permission from colleges. Some allow to party for a whole night and some allow for numerous days. A few campuses also do not permit the entry of visitors. This sort of rule is different on all campuses.


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