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Brooke Daniells Age, Family, Relationships and Net worth

Brooke Daniells

Brooke Daniells is a renowned photographer in the USA. She is famous nowadays because of her lesbian relationship with England-born actress Catherine bells, famous for her series “Good witch. She is also known for her social work.



Brooke Daniells (age 35 years) took birth in the Christian family of Tomball, TEXAS, the USA, on 30th June 1986. She was born to Penny Atwell Jones. She has two siblings, Phaedra jones and Damien John’s. As we learned, she was born in a metropolitan city and completed her school here in 2004. Brooke Daniells has done her master’s degree in communication from Sam Houston State University Huntsville, Texas.

She took after the profession of her father as he was a photographer in her free time. Further so, she participated in several photography competitions in her higher school. During the Miss Texas award for the state beauty pageant, she came to know to media, which occurred in 2009. She also worked in movies, one of them is “change of life”. Daniells has two children from her first husband named Sage and Zoe.


Initially, Brooke Daniells was wedded to Kenneth Daniells, but this union did not stand for long, and they separated their way. GOD blessed them with two children named Sage and Zeo. Later on, she started a relationship with Catherine bells, which was the reason behind her limelight.

Brooke Daniells Husband

These two lovebirds met at psychiatry which is the death museum industry where Daniells was working. Later on, they became good friends, and afterward, Daniells shared her feeling with Bella, and they started dating.

Professional Career

Brooke Daniells
made an excellent career in photography as she was also good in communication because she perused that relevant degree, but she chose photography because this was her passion. She loves to take captures of nature. We also heard that Brooke had received many awards and proved herself in photography, acting, modeling, directing, and producing. She also worked as an actress in famous movies like the change of life and shadows fall. In contrast, her partner bell is a famous actress. She started her acting career in a short film when she was just 18 years old and received much appreciation. From beauty to brain, she almost covered every spectrum of life.

According to the research, she wants to continue her photography career because of her new Instagram pictures, while her photography school is considered best in the mid-Atlantic. She has proved herself in every field and received many awards in production, such as colossal fame and fortune from the infamous T.V. series L Spice and Last Breath. She proved herself not only in acting, modeling but in hosting as well while hosting a T.V. show, L spice.

Relationship Between Brooke Daniells and Catherine Bells

Daniells is now talk of the town and in gossips because of her current relationship with Catherine bells. These two beautiful ladies met at psychiatry and became good friends. It is well said that Brooke first shared her feeling, and they started their relationship after that. It is also said that before divorce Catherine was in a relationship with Brooke.

Catherine Bells
Catherine Bells

Catherine is an actress and worked in 30 serials and many movies. She started her acting career from a show named T.V. sitcom Sugar and spice in 1991. She is also featured in movies like Triangle and the mother of Brides and has the opportunity to appear in another sitcom. Daniells is also an entrepreneur and running a jewelry business in which Danielles is a partner.

Partner of Daniells, Catherine bells, was married to Adam Beason, and they tied the knot in 1994, after two years of friendship. These two are responsible for the upbringing of two children named Gemma and Ronan. They separated their ways in 2011 after the birth of their son Ronan in 2010. that year when these two love birds fell in love with each other and Brooke Daniells appeared bisexual, and after that news, her mother broke into tears.

Now they both live happily in a particular place in Los Angeles, and no news of their fight is on media till now, which will lead to separation, and they are sharing a long loving, healthy relationship.

Net Worth

There is no precise estimation of monthly salary, but according to some sources, it is nearly $1million. Brooke’s primary income source is Scientology, and she pursues a photography career. If she continues with that field, indeed, it will increase her worth in the coming years. She lives in a house with her partner Bella in Los Angeles worth $2,050,000 and occupies 1.2 flat acres. Her partner worth is $15million, which she earned after a long of hard work and achievements in entertainment.

brooke daniells
Brooke Daniells

Brooke Danielle’s Physical Appearance

Brooke Daniells is a gorgeous lady with a height of 5 feet 10 inches. Moreover, the thing that adds more beauty to her long-form body is a combination of her brown eyes with her blonde hair that is toned.

Social Media Presence

Nowadays, everybody is involved in social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. So, how this beautiful lady is out of reach of social media?? Moreover, Daniells has 133k followers on Instagram and 459 followers on Twitter, but these love birds do not share pictures of each other on social media.


Some Facts about Brook Daniells

  • She loves autumn because her colors and likes summer inspire her. After all, she loves to swim in the sea and get suntanned lying on the seashore.
  • Daniells loves to photograph beautiful aspects of nature and beauty
  • Daniells also owns a photography school. She has had multiple exhibitions in all states and is a nationally famous and awarded photographer.
  • She loves traveling and especially loves to roam around Virginia, Washington D.C., and New York.
  • Daniells is 19 years younger than Catherine bells
  • She has different religious beliefs and is a Scientologist

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