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Cricket Asia cup 2023 Schedule and History

You will be surprised to know which country host the Asia cup 2023. Luckily, Pakistan will host it and the public will enable to watch all matches. It is the sixteenth Asia Cup. All of its matches are in the format of ODI. Now, everyone eagerly wants to see all matches.

Asia cup 2023 Cricket

2023 Asia cup is an international tournament in which many teams take their participate. Both kinds of tournaments are included in it such as ODI and T20. The Asian Cricket Council decided to make this tournament in 1983. This step is the promoting of good relations between counties. At that time, it was decided to play after every two years. It is only one cricket tournament in Asia. And, the team who won it got the title of Asia’s Champion. The format changes after two years.

History of Asia Cup

Now, we will explain the entire history of this cup. The first tournament was played in 1984. All the matches were held in UAE. Even, the council office was also present there. There were different boycotts of this cup also. India did not play in 1986 and the reason was not good relations with Sri Lanka. Pakistan was not the part of 1990 tournament due to political issues with India. So, in this way, it will be interesting to watch the 2023 Asia cup cricket. Pakistan will host it, so India’s team will come to Pakistan or not?

In 2009, it was decided the tournament will only be with the ODI format. But after 2015, it was changed. Now, the format is both ODI & T20. The first time T20I was in 2016. In Cricket Asia cup 2023, the format is again ODI. India & Sri Lanka are the top teams that won seven & five-time tournaments respectively. Pakistan and India both played it thirteen times.

Cricket Asia cup 2023 Schedule

FTP gave the schedule of its duration. It will play from 1st June 2023. Pakistan will host this international tournament. There is also a complete list of matches available on the internet. There will be twelve ODI matches with one final match.

International Cricket Council introduced different programs for cricket. One program is Future Tour. And this tournament is under this program. With the approval of the ICC, Pakistan is a place where all of its matches will play. The timings and days for every match will declare on the official website. So, everyone will know it easily. The schedule for the team’s matches for the Asia cup 2023 schedule is not officially declared. However, it will soon announce.

2023 Fifa women’s World Cup Qualification Asia

Australia & New Zealand will host this tournament. It is the biggest reason that both of these teams will automatically qualify for FIFA 2023. The qualification procedure will give chance to thirty teams to play in it. This tournament is now the 19th time event. Numerous countries hosed it every year. The FIFA council decided to enhance the teams for qualifying and then the teams will participate in the FIFA World Cup. There are special slots for all the host countries. They will directly qualify for the entertainment.

The matches for qualification had already started in 2021. And, these matches will finish in 2023. The official Match Calendar contains the date & timing for all matches. Many Asian teams qualified for this tournament. Women teams are passionate to get participating in FIFA. Different rules are also present on the site. All players have to follow them.

Fiba Asia World cup Qualifiers 2023

It is an attractive tournament for all professional players as well as the audience. It gives the best motivation to the young generation. The duration of the Fiba Asia Cup is from 25th August to 10th September. The matches will be in the country Indonesia, Japan, & Philippines. The qualifier procedure started this year also. Total 5 Asian Countries will qualify to play in this tournament. Africa wants to win it. If Africa will win the 2023 World Cup 2023, it will become a first-time champion. Now, the viewers wait to see its first-time victory.

There are numerous windows for qualifiers. After qualifying all windows, there will start-up of the FIBA tournament. Such qualifiers are playing in 2022 also. All teams give their good efforts to get this title. Fiba world cup qualifiers Asia 2023 schedule is now available on the site. The duration for the first to six windows is from 26 Nov 2021 to 24 Feb 2023. And then, finally, the FIBA tournament will start on 25th August 2023.

AFC Asia cup 2023

The qualification process for ASC Asian Cup is different. It is the 18th edition of the championship league. It will play between 24 teams. There is a total of four rounds to get qualify for this tournament. Its first two rounds are the same just as the FIFA world cup. In the final round, all the teams will distribute into 6 groups. All the teams compete with each other to get the chance to participate in the Asian cup. All players are exceptional in showing their good skills.

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