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How Can I See Who Stalks My Facebook 2020?

Facebook is a multinational technology conglomerate with its headquarters in Menlo Park, California, US. It was founded in the year Feb 2004, we all know that the CEO of Fb is Mark Zuckerberg. Anyone can use it without any difficulty, only because of this reason all age group people get access to it easily. It can be used by any device which is connected to the internet.

This app helps people to stay connected and have contact with their friends no matter how many years it passes. We can also post photos, videos, text, or chat through FB. Still, there are some issues on Facebook that should be covered, yes there are a lot of efforts taken by Fb regarding users’ safety. But still, in a person’s name, picture some others can create a fake id, sometimes even they become friends with their friend and ask for money which may degrade that person. Anyone can do the worst things since it is an open platform and has a huge number of users.

Most of the time we may face some fraud accounts, some people have lost their money and some even their life is the sad part. So to prevent us from the danger we all will be wanting to know who viewed my Facebook profile recently. In this, we will share four ways to find those people who stalk you.

Ways to know who stalks your Facebook profile :

Through iOS App: 

If you are an iOS user and use FB in the app then you can easily find the person who viewed your account. A new feature saying who viewed your profile was added recently, this will help you to identify easily. 

  • Open your Facebook app next log in to your account. 
  • In your profile, there will be three dots, click on them then click privacy shortcuts.
  • Then you will see a feature called who viewed my profile. 
  • Click and find who checked into your account.

Through desktop:

  • Using your desktop go to, then a page will open.
  • Right-click at any place on that page, next click on the view page source or you can use CTRL+U to view the page source.
  • Now a new tab will open, in this, you will be able to see a lot of codes.
  • Open the search box by holding CTRL+F, then copy this ‘BUDDY_ID’ and paste it into that search box. 
  • You will be able to see a lot of codes and also the name of the person who viewed your profile. 
  • The person who is at the top of the list is the one who visits your profile more often.

Through google chrome extension: 

  • First, you will have to get a social profile extension page.
  • At the top of this page, you can see an option called add to your chrome.
  • By clicking that you will enable the page to your browser. 
  • These are the first steps, in this process, you will have to download which may take time.

After finishing the above steps, you have to log in to your Facebook account. In this, you will know who visited your account but not on your friend list. 

Now you can see your Facebook timeline. Click the bar and then tap on the visitor to know who viewed my Facebook profile app.

Using any of the iOS apps:

Many app developers and designers have found the people who stalk you and named the app “social fans”. This will give you the complete information that you desire but for iOS users, Facebook has added this feature in their Fb app itself. Before it was not attached because there were a lot of issues and also rumors created because of it. Now Facebook has changed all its settings to work more for it and again it has enabled that feature for iOS users. So far this is available only with iOS users. Maybe later it will be available for android users. 

Through these ways you can find the person who stalks you, in case you face any trouble with a fake id on your name; then there is more possible that the person who stalks you may have created it. We can’t be so sure that the person who stalks did it so it’s always important to handle social platforms carefully.

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