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Train your Employees with Six Sigma strategies for Best Performance

Before knowing about how the six Sigma process can affect strategies for better outcomes let’s know about the six Sigma program itself. Six Sigma program is a blessing for the companies and industries. Which have enough amount investment but can’t get a good profit margin or get a good customer. Reviews in this kind of situation six Sigma helps in making the product much better. By which the customers can get a good and satisfying product can the name and fame of the product will increase day by day. The company can simply hire a person having six Sigma Black businesses. Belt certifications and the rest is their job to handle three production investments and all.

How does six Sigma work

So now let’s know about six Sigma in detail when it was started and how it played such a crucial role in building an organization’s future. So, the six Sigma program was first developed in 1988 by Bill Smith who was working for Motorola. Since then six Sigma is used worldwide in many types of companies and organizations to get success shortly. Now let’s discuss how the six Sigma program works. Six Sigma has two major methods that are DMAIC and DIEMADB. Let’s have a look at our first method DMAIC is an acronym for define measures analyze improvements and control.

Phases of Six Sigma

Now let’s bring a glance at each of the phases of six Sigma separately and how it correlates to our earlier difficulties. So the first stage is the defined stage. In this stage, people deduce what problems they are confronting. And what the chances for modification are and what the consumers expect from the corporation or organization. Then comes the important phase in which we deduce how the cycle of performing currently in its unaltered state. So let’s move on towards the estimation phase in which the individual deduces what resulted in the deformity or deviation on evaluating the prior data.

Next comes the superior phase in which the differences are made to the manufacturing procedure and assure the deficiencies are dealt with. With and again get them renovated too. And finally, the final phase is the supervision phase in which formal adjustments are given to regulate new procedures and future accomplishments based on the modifications. And again the person accomplishing this should have done the six Sigma black belt course.

Different Six Sigma Courses

Now let’s discuss the different types of six Sigma courses. There are 4 types of six Sigma courses which are white belt yellow. Belt green belt and black belt each belt has more experience and knowledge from their previous. Belts and the most superior belt is the black belt it has the most experienced people in it. And they have the maximum amount of lean six sigma black belt certification and training.

These black belt holders are the best ones on which someone can invest and can get large. The margin of profit from it. so before moving ahead let’s get a brief knowledge about lean. So lean is a method in which the difficulty of some project is removed or replaced by which the project can work smoothly and can give better results. If we combine lean and six Sigma we get lean six sigma black belt certification which is more efficient.

How Can be six Sigma Taught to the Employees

Now let’s talk about how to teach our employees about six Sigma. So it isn’t so easy to teach someone about six Sigma strategies without telling them the basics or else they wouldn’t be able to cope up with it. So We should start training the employees from the basic level which is the white belt then they could gradually increase their progress and at the end, we can give them the lean six Sigma Black belt online training.


Six Sigma is a very useful and fruitful program that can help tons of companies. And organizations in building a successful company and teaching. Six Sigma to the employees is one of the best things by which. We can have both skills and knowledge which will help an organization in both ways can the organization could achieve success by these techniques

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