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Increase Company Collaboration with Microsoft Account

57% of the total revenue spent on business email software is spent on Microsoft Account Server (Ferris Research, 2005). Microsoft Account Server is a suite of e-mail server software that allows office workers to collaborate more efficiently. Whether you realize it or not, most small businesses use it. Microsoft Account Server gives you more control over your email and corporate software.

What are the benefits of Exchange Server? With Exchange, you can instantly view and edit other users’ email, tasks, and calendars (if you can). If you can view other people’s calendars, you can schedule appointments that people in your office have scheduled. You can create a main contact list and a global calendar for your company so that your team is always on the same page.

You can also set up the popular Out of Office Autoresponder feature before you leave the city using Exchange Server so that those who send you your email know you’re out of the office without calling. Best of all, you can view all your emails, tasks, and calendars by logging into your account over the Internet using a standard web browser (also known as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator) (click here to view images) while away from the office if you need quick access to email and do not have a laptop. This feature is great if you need to access your email as a last resort. Best of all, it’s free with Exchange Server!

Change the Microsoft Account

Are you ready to change? Microsoft Account Server is a technology that is not unique to the business world. This means that if your business does not use Exchange to collaborate, it is likely that your competitors will. Microsoft Account is typically used for companies with 5 or more employees. Exchange Server is the most widely used type of email setup on the market today! For companies to take full advantage of Microsoft Account, they must have Microsoft Outlook running on their computers. This means that if you’re currently using Outlook to view your email, your company is probably halfway through using Microsoft Account Server.

Can you use Microsoft Outlook Without an Exchange server?

You can use a program called Microsoft Outlook to receive emails on a user’s computer without using Exchange on the server. However, this type of installation severely limits the functionality of Outlook. This configuration is called POP email. (Click here for comparison) POP email creates problems when backing up email messages.  You also can’t share users’ emails, tasks, and calendars directly with others in your company. Also, public folders aren’t available for non-Exchange group calendars.

It’s only a matter of time. Until the company is ready to continue installing Exchange, employees are familiar with how to bypass Microsoft Outlook if you are now in POP mode. This greatly simplifies the learning process as the company moves to the next level. Remember, if you are a growing business and already use Microsoft Outlook for email, the question is not whether you will use Exchange Server. the question is when.

Three Good Reasons to use Microsoft Account

  1. Promote your distribution. With this type of Microsoft Account you can do a number of things to improve the distribution of your product or service. Build smart lists to gain faster access to inventory level and supply chain snippets. Also, reduce data entry errors and create workflows to automate file sharing in the office. You can track sales in real-time using up to six customizable steps, from ordering to billing.
  2. Fulfill your client’s obligations. Microsoft Account has saved a lot of salespeople workers. Although we all strive to be successful in sales and attract as many potential customers as possible, sometimes when a business is booming, demand exceeds supply. Dynamics GP keeps accurate records of current and future inventory and inventory. A few clicks can prevent overly annoying and costly engagement.
  3. Order management and processing – with Microsoft Dynamics GP, your business can continue to operate.

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