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Monday, July 15, 2024
Home Health & Fitness 10 Interesting Things you didn't Know About Ear Wax

10 Interesting Things you didn’t Know About Ear Wax

When was the last time you gave serious passing thought to your gooey ear wax? Let me guess.  Never probably! But do you know there is so much more about what sporadically comes out of your ear?

Earwax is the only part of our ear we pay the least heed to. The only time we actually consider ear wax to be important is when we are putting a cotton bud inside our ears and feeling great on our little achievement of getting rid of the wax build-up. Here are some interesting facts about ear wax and let me tell you it is much more important for your ear health.

1.   There is Another Name for your Earwax

Earwax is a common term used by a lot of us, but according to the audiologist in Peshawar, the true medical term for earwax goes by the name of ‘cerumen’. It does have a fancy ring to it no?

2. Earwax is no REAL wax

Shocked right? So was I! But the earwax gets its name from the sticky, waxy texture, not because it is made of real wax. Imagine stuck-up wax in your ear for years with no melting that sounds like a true nightmare. The reason why earwax goes by its infamous-famous name is that earwax requires a good dose of sebum (a body secretion that is made up of mostly fat), some skin cells, sweat, and direct pollution from outside. So yes though it is not exactly nice, it is still not recommended to remove it yourself. And that takes me to my third point.

3. Earwax is much more important stuff than you think

Earwax is a natural secretion produced by the ear to clean itself and protect itself. We have glands in our skin in the outer half of the ear canals that secrete earwax in order to keep as much dust pollutants at bay as possible. In a similar manner, we also have tiny hairs in these passages that trap foreign particles from penetrating and damaging deeper structures such as our eardrum. So next time you think of getting rid of this yellow gold waxy stuff, think about all the damage that will be done to your ear.

4. Too Much Earwax is a Problem

Now I know I have preached the importance of keeping your earwax intact, but there can be instances where getting rid of ear wax becomes a necessity. While too little earwax makes your ears prone to infection and can make it all itchy, an overproduced earwax can result in earaches, mild deafness, a consistent sensation in your ears, tinnitus, and other infections. So, if you feel your ear is excreting more than it should you need to rush to an ENT immediately.

5.  Your Earwax can tell Volumes about You!

During my annual check-up at Khattak medical center. I was told by my audiologist that earwax can actually tell a lot about a person. According to him, there were two kinds of earwax, wet and dry. Wet earwax is darker yellow and sticky and happens to be found more in Caucasian and African people. For eastern Asian people or the ones who are Native American, ear wax is typically light in color, can be dry and a bit flaky. Given this information, you can now think about your own.

6.  Earwax can Easily Change its Color

Depending on the kind of diet you consume and the environment you spend the most time in. The consistency of your earwax will vary. There will be times when you will see darker ear wax and then there will be times when it will be lighter. If it appears very dark then that means it has trapped more dirt into it.

7. Never put Anything in your Ears by Yourself

I know we all have been guilty of poking earbuds in our ears and also sticking anything that is mistakenly vertical. But believe me, when I say this, putting anything in your ear in that manner. Is actually very dangerous for our health. Our eardrums are quite sensitive which is why pushing anything deep into your ear can further push the wax in your ear. This can lead to infection, ear pain, or worse damaging your hearing sense.

8. Put those Ear Candles Away!

And by AWAY, I seriously mean away. If you do not know what ear candles are, these little innocent solutions are made to remove your ear wax from ear canals. But be aware, because they do more harm than any good. For easing the ear wax you have to burn the candle near your ear. That can also put your ear, face, and hair at risk of burning. In worse-case scenarios, it builds up more ear wax that can result in more earache and whatnot! So all in all, this was all about ears and earwax. Now that you know about how important earwax can be, make sure to be kinder and more careful to your ears from now onwards.

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