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Top 7 Types of WhatsApp Scams in 2022 – 3 Steps To Save Yourself

Nowadays, some user faces the problem of WhatsApp scams. The scamming problem is increasing every day. All users have to be careful about it when they use this application. In this place, you will know the entire information about it.

People may confuse about is WhatsApp dangerous? No, this app is not dangerous if you use it carefully and have information about different ways and types of scammers. In addition, we will also guide you on how fraudsters will trap you.

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is one of the amazing technology apps that help in easier communication between individuals. There is no charge for the sending of files. People prefer to share their images with their loved ones also. Its popularity is so huge that users of both Android & iPhone use it on their smartphones. WhatsApp phone calling is popular in the form of both audio & video.

What are WhatsApp scams?

The primary motive behind the WhatsApp scams is that scammers want to hijack the account of a user. They are so active that they hijack the account just after one audio call also. In addition, to get access to the account, they also get all the detail of the user’s contact list. It also means that they can read your private messages as well.

WhatsApp scams types

What scams are used on WhatsApp? Top WhatsApp scams to avoid in 2022

There are various types of scams on WhatsApp. Each type is different and with its property of scamming. You should be aware of such types.

  1. WhatsApp crypto scams

The crypto scams include the scamming of romance as well as investment. This kind of WhatsApp scam affects many people’s lives. People trap in the talk of scammers and believe they are always talk the truth to them. As a result, they give their money or love to them.

  1. WhatsApp bitcoin scams

This type of WhatsApp message scam is common. The scammers send long texts to users and such texts contain scam links. When a person clicks on it, then the hacker receives the financial & personal information of that person.

  1. WhatsApp business account scams

The WhatsApp scams 2022 include the business account scam also. A scammer will send you any suspicious link or attachment with the use of a business account. After clicking on such a link, he will copy your information. Further, he will also sell your information.

  1. WhatsApp messenger email scam

The scammers on WhatsApp send an email and pretend it is the app that sends an email directly to you. The company will never send an email. Such an email claims that it contains your backup history. But, in reality, it has a scam attachment that works harder to get your information.

  1. WhatsApp money offer scam

Many scammers use WhatsApp to earn money in the wrong way. They send messages to users that if they invest a small amount of money in their businesses, they will get a double benefit. If anyone did it, he lost his money.

  1. WhatsApp voice message spam

Likewise WhatsApp scams 2021, the voice message spam is common this year also. Many emails from scammers come with the title of WhatsApp voice message. It is completely wrong and contains a virus that enters the user’s device.

  1. Area code WhatsApp scam

Numerous area codes are famous for scamming. For example, area code 567 scams WhatsApp is a major issue in many regions. The fraud person uses this area code to target many users and leak their information.

How do WhatsApp scams work?

2022 WhatsApp scams methods

Above all we describe the types of scams, now we will discuss the working methods of WhatsApp scams. Thereby, you will know how fraudsters work for scamming. Below are those specific methods:

Beware WhatsApp Users! New Scam Can Seize Your Account After One Phone Call

  1. WhatsApp scams tinder

The scammers use this trick to get your WhatsApp number. Firstly, they will make friends with you. When they think that they make a strong connection with you, they ask about your account. After reaching your account, they ask you to visit their particular link and that link is spam.

  1. WhatsApp scams Asian girl

The fraudsters do the spam and become Asian girls. They show they are young attractive girls & take the attention. Their mission is to get online money as well as any personal information.

  1. WhatsApp scammer pictures

In this method, a scammer will send any random picture and claim that it’s his picture. After making a strong bond with the user, he will demand to send the user’s picture. If anyone will send it to him, it means he leaks his information to the public.

  1. WhatsApp spam messages

The fraudsters utilize the way of sending spam texts. Such texts contain links that have the property of malicious viruses. Such a virus can easily enter your device when you click on it.

  1. Romance scammer WhatsApp

Romance scammers prefer this way to get relationships with many individuals. They will talk romantically and show that they are too romantic. Many users think that they found their real love. The fraudsters take advantage of such persons.

  1. Random messages on WhatsApp

The random message has a long text that tells you if you visit their website you will get a reward. This sort of spam link is harmful to your mobile phones also.

  1. WhatsApp phishing messages

When you will receive texts from an unknown number, that message may a phishing message. The scammers send such messages to get your entire login credentials. Furthermore, they may also know your bank details.

Hackers Target Country-Wise Scamming

Scammers do the scamming in numerous countries. The hackers target the users country-wise for scamming. They will use numerous methods for this purpose. For instance, if any country has a high poverty rate, the hackers try to do money spam way.

Hong Kong WhatsApp scamsFlag of Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, the hackers pretend that they are your friends. They want that you will share your security code with them. In this way, they gain your data.

WhatsApp scams Singaporeflags of Singapore

The hackers from Singapore hack your account by giving gift cards. Such gift cards are spam and when a hacker hacks your account, he tries to get the information of your friends/family.

WhatsApp scams the UKFlag of UK

The hackers in the United Kingdom will tell you that if you provide your credit card information, you will get a bonus. They claim that they will do it quickly.

India is doing it WhatsApp hackFlag of India 2022

The cases of hacking are increasing in India. The hackers hack users’ accounts and also hack all the data that are present on their mobile phones. The video with the title “India is doing it” is circulating on this app. By clicking on it, it can hack a Smartphone.

Chinese WhatsApp scamsFlag of China 2022

In China, hackers use the technique of adding a user to any random group. Then, an attractive woman tries to make friends with the user. Ultimately, the final purpose is to get log-in confidential.

WhatsApp scams USAFlag of USA 2022

The hackers are active in the USA as well. They install malicious viruses on the devices. So, a user will not use his phone again. Another motive is to steal the identity of a user which a hacker can use for the wrong work.


Why do scammers want you to use WhatsApp?

As we know that WhatsApp scams asking for money are a common issue. It is the major cause that scammers want everyone uses this app.

Why do scammers like WhatsApp?

Scamming through this application is easier. The scammers send spam links to users and trap them. So, they like this app.

Can you get hacked through WhatsApp?

You can get hacked by using it. If you click on any spam link, you will lose your account. This issue enhances the danger of WhatsApp use.

How do scammers hijack phone numbers?

The scammers hijack your phone number with utilize of auto-dialers. Some spoofed area codes are also specific for this task.

scam by answering a phone call

Can you get scammed by answering a phone call? 

Yes, you face the problem of scamming through any unknown phone call. The scammers behind this work will try to manipulate you and get your information.

Can you get scammed on WhatsApp?

Many hackers scammed users on WhatsApp in previous years. This record is also enhanced regularly.

Can someone scam you on WhatsApp?

Nowadays, the scammers like this app for scamming. They will scam you in different ways.

Can you be Catfished on WhatsApp?

Catfish is completely a fake personality of a hacker. You can be catfished on this app. Such hackers will never send their instant selfies when you ask to send them.

Is it safe to open a WhatsApp message from an unknown number?WhatsApp message from an unknown number

As spam is common in this application, so the good idea is to never give a response to messages from unknown numbers. In some cases, the users also receive fake WhatsApp calls.

How can you identify a scammer?

Different prominent signs show that the person is a scammer. These signs include:

  • A scammer will ask you to instantly send money.
  • He will talk about the lucky draw or reward.
  • He will give you pressure to immediately do a particular step.
  • In some cases, he will pretend himself as a government person.

Why I am getting random messages on WhatsApp?

It simply means you are the target of the hacker. And, he will want to steal your data or take money from you by sending random messages.


WhatsApp account hacked what to do?

Timelifetimenews shared some valuable information. When you will know the hacking issue of your account, you have to do instant steps.

  1. The first step is to immediately tell all of your contacts. So, your family or friends will remain safe from hackers.
  2. The second step is to not log out. Otherwise, a hacker will get more chances of hacking by using a verification code.
  3. Third, you should inform the police and put a complaint to the cyber crime department.

How to report WhatsApp hacking?

There is no official phone number for this application. So, you cannot call for any help. However, you get the help by the using “Contact Us” page of this app. On this page, you can report WhatsApp scams or hacking problems. The team will provide their best help to solve your issue.


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